FMGE-MCI Testimonial

Dr. Luxmi Chand
 Rivansun Teachers inspired me through their magnificent class lecture and doctors teachers interaction. I have just completed my 4th year. I may confidentially say that Rivansun is the best. 
Dr. Manuru Vamsi Krishna
 RIVANSUN has provided an extremely supportive environment for me during the years of my medical education, as well as throughout the process of preparation for FMGE. I believe the support and commitment of RIVANSUN to high quality FMGE preparation has played an integral role in my development and progress as a doctor. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to study at RIVANSUN. 
Dr. Manosiya
 It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I took coaching for FMGE from Rivansun. The bonding between faculty members and doctors is very very cordial which gave me strength to crack FMGE in 1st attampts. 
Dr. Sijo Sunny
 Joining RIVANSUN is the best decision I have made. Through the regular vacational batch, one may develop a solid foundation upon which to build your goal knowledge under the guidance of best faculty members of India. 
Dr. Palak Trehan
 I have spent grate time at Rivansun. Rivansun has extra ordinary faculty with lots of positive energy. I heartily thank Director, staff and faculty members for motivation and valuable guidance till cleared FMGE in 1st attempt. 
Dr. Madhu
 I have been part of Rivansun World and I want to tell this from bottom of my heart that the guidance , assistance and motivation given by directors and teachers of Rivansun is the best. I can assure you all who are looking for best coaching institute for FMGE-MCI, the only name comes to my mind is RIVANSUN. 
Dr. Vivek
 Rivansun is the best coaching institute across the india for FMGE-MCI and is known for its excellence. It has best facilities under one roof-state of infrastructure, best faculty, professionalism, feel stocked books and study material with all requirements. 
Dr. Ayona Thomas
  I am very thankful to Rivansun. The best teachers with affordable fee structure. I proudly say that Rivansun is the best institute for preparation of FMGE-MCI exam. 
Dr. Christeena Joy
 I never knew that regular vocational batch will help me so much. I am coming every year for my summer vacations and spending my precious time studying at RIVANSUN. Its just amazing. Thanks RIVANSUN. 
Dr Honey Patel
 I attended different demo classes before joining FMGEcoaching. I found RIVANSUN – the best in the terms of faculty members, study material, infrastructure and last but not the least living conditions. I am overwhelmed by the facilities which I am getting at RIVANSUN. 
Dr. Sonali Thakur
 I joined regular vocational batch at RIVANSUN when I was in 2nd year. I am just feeling the improvement in my knowledge year to year. I am very thankful to teachers and staff of RIVANSUN. 
Dr. Padma Krishnan
 If you are preparing for FMGE-MCI exam then no need to give 2nd thought. Join Rivansun immediately. At RIVANSUN you will see how staff, teachers all together work with high morals, ethics and Principals. RIVANSUN is the best institute for preparation of FMGE-MCI exam. 

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